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Shameless plug of something Christmassy

I know this is a shameless plug, but it’s in the festive spirit I promise.  Yesterday (my web dev sister company to released a facebook advent calendar application for

Apart from giving you a bit of much-needed festive bling to you facebook profile, by supplying you great video clips each day up til Christmas, the top few people who invite the most users win an ipod!  So get inviting!

Find the app at

Note that I’m not using my personal sumoadvent affiliate code as that would be wrong of me… no point trying to win a competition I created 😉


Alpha, alpha; testing, testing

Between the 9pm BST on Thursday the 12th July, and roughly one week later, the only way you could have ended up at this blog is through the alpha testing of the awesome Facebook app Blog Friends.

If that’s the case, then let me take the opportunity to say “thank you” and I hope you enjoy the app. We, BrainBakery Ltd., are the development company Luke Razzell hired to develop BlogFriends into the software you see today.