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Woohoo! New version of Blog Friends released

It’s been a huge amount of work, but the end result has been really worth it.  Find all the details at the Blog Friends blog.


The Pioneering Scoble?

Many of you, like me, only use facebook as a way of communicating with people you actually know well. However, there’s no rules to how this is done and you’ve got to admit, annoying though it might be, Scoble and Kawasaki’s approach has some considerable advantages for them and (crazy though it might seem), the overall social graph.

As I see it, Robert’s using facebook to tap into an extremely valuable resource. Via facebook’s filtering features he is able to see the most important information in the daily lives and activities of a lot of people. Through interacting with them, facebook automatically hones the information he sees until it is as relevant as possible to him. Dave McClure also did a similar experiment, utilizing features such as tagging to raise his profile and tune his social graph quicker.

I’ll admit facebook’s algorithm isn’t astounding, but as I rarely communicate with Robert I never get “spammed” by him so it must work.
Actually, it’s a positive thing for me: thanks to Robert’s open policy, my team and I have been able to make (albeit fairly lose) friends with him which has been invaluable during the development of our app.

Of course, if you’re not Robert then it’s easy to feel that he’s everywhere, spamming the whole face of facebook and twitter. However, by opening the floodgates like this, he’s allowing facebook (and indeed the new version of our app Blog Friends) to potentially converge on the “true” social graph much faster. Let me explain.

When I went to university I spent the first two months making in excess of 500 friends via many clubs, societies and bars. I spent the next 4 years “optimizing” these relationships: I lost contact with most of them; some of them became business relationships; many became close friends; others become distant, but with an open social channel. The fact that we can now, thanks to the power of computer-based social networks, do this on a much faster and larger scale must only be good for the flow of information and hence humanity… it’s just a pity the tools aren’t perfect yet.

Monetizing Facebook

I read this article about Bay Partners launching a Facebook app fund.  What’s most interesting for me is not the article itself, but the comments.  It seems to me that not one of the 50-something people who’ve responded have any idea how to monetize Facebook beyond PPC – which as many people have discovered isn’t exactly an ideal platform for it.

There’s developers out there like this one who are actually going round telling people they won’t develop Facebook apps.  Well, good luck to them, but it looks to me these guys are going to be kicking themselves down the line: this is the democratization of gold-star marketing data!  It is not, IMHO, an opportunity to miss.

The Power of Blog Friends

Obviously I can’t talk about BlogFriends – the purpose of this post is to check out whether or not the filtering algorithm is exactly how we’d like it. This is why this post randomly contains the words “startups”, “VC”, “venture capital”, “tech”, “Web2.0”, “investment”, “entrepreneur”, “iPhone”, “insider”, “Luke Razzell”, “identity” and other things I’ll add later.

If you’ve arrived at this post through the BlogFriends Alpha, please add a comment here to tell me.  Thanks

Alpha, alpha; testing, testing

Between the 9pm BST on Thursday the 12th July, and roughly one week later, the only way you could have ended up at this blog is through the alpha testing of the awesome Facebook app Blog Friends.

If that’s the case, then let me take the opportunity to say “thank you” and I hope you enjoy the app. We, BrainBakery Ltd., are the development company Luke Razzell hired to develop BlogFriends into the software you see today.