Carphone Warehouse 999 Error iPhone Saga

Two weeks!  Two sodding weeks without my iPhone working perfectly as an upgrade.  Apparently (so I’m told this week) the system is giving them a “999 error” every time they try to process the upgrade.  Now, I’m very forgiving when it comes to human errors, but each time I phone and ask about it they say:

Oh, sorry Sir.  The system says its been fixed.

“The system says”?  How about what I say?  How about keeping some transparency and actually phoning me up to ask if it’s working okay?

Last week you were very helpful.  This week you are seriously pissing me off.  Some of the sales/help people I’ve spoken to (Nicola, Shaz, Kirstie…) have been great, but the company itself!?!  Nrgh!  Serious, guys, what the f@#£ are you playing at?

Definitely over-due a very long post about the simple art keeping your customers happy.  Watch this space.


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