Stop moaning you early-adopting iPhone mactards

I’ll do a post about my experiences of buying an iPhone later, but I feel compelled to point out something obvious:

  • With large complex systems, there will almost always be problems in launch
  • First batches of mass-produced hardware involve lots of manual hand-holding throughout the supply chain.
  • Early adopters are often techie
  • Early adopters go to extremes to get their taste first
  • Early adopters are vocal
  • The rest of the population couldn’t give a shit what the techie early adopters say
  • The rest of the population will wait to get the iPhone

Apple knows this, which is one of the many reasons they (like any other manufacturing company) limit initial stock during ramp-up;

  • Damage limitation
  • Third rule of Arnold (a wry observational poem from my manufacturing days): “Perfect the design; debug with some tests; launch the product; let the customers find the rest”

Yup… we are Apple’s extended test team.  Tis the price of early-adopter kudos, has and always will be; get over it.  Thanks to us, Joe Public will no doubt be happy with his iPhone.


2 responses to “Stop moaning you early-adopting iPhone mactards

  1. well said Jof. Now if only o2 had their act together.

  2. Indeed. I’m planning on saving a fairly lengthy post for them!

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