Social Media and the Mainstream

After a rather nice barbeque at a friend’s house today, I thought I’d take a small diversion on the way home to snap this bit of local graffiti:


The site it refers to is not my cup of tea, but the statement it makes is really strong: “I’d like you to know more about me, and this is how you can”.

It’s great that Myspace, Facebook and the rest are so mainstream now that an unsigned rapper can reasonably assume that passers-by will know what it means, and what’s more he can do so for free (I’m assuming he owns the fence of course).

For me, this is important, because as the owner of a startup I need to be certain that the products we develop are of value to people.  I am glad that “Chalk” is able to, like countless others, find his voice through the sorts of products in which we are involved.


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