Monetizing Facebook

I read this article about Bay Partners launching a Facebook app fund.  What’s most interesting for me is not the article itself, but the comments.  It seems to me that not one of the 50-something people who’ve responded have any idea how to monetize Facebook beyond PPC – which as many people have discovered isn’t exactly an ideal platform for it.

There’s developers out there like this one who are actually going round telling people they won’t develop Facebook apps.  Well, good luck to them, but it looks to me these guys are going to be kicking themselves down the line: this is the democratization of gold-star marketing data!  It is not, IMHO, an opportunity to miss.


One response to “Monetizing Facebook

  1. The whole issue of monetization is a tricky one. I had a meeting at an agency this morning talking about this exact thing. The feeling at the agency was that as soon as people try to monetize the whole thing will come crashing down…. However, they also felt that as it rises again from its own ashes, it will be built more robustly…

    Not sure what that means to all of us, except that we all have to keep thinking about it and experimenting…

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